Saturday, 13 April 2013

Random Perspectives

While sitting here and thinking about what to write, I thought of going through some old pictures and sharing them here. 

This is a random perspective on images that captured my fancy one way or the other.
An early morning scene at the phool-mandi(flower market). I have come many a times with my father to buy flowers here. Every time there is a happy occasion in the house we rush to phool-mandi. This day, I was accompanying a friend and our cameras. While I was admiring the colourful flowers all around, this man with lots of marigold strings on his back brushed past me and I couldn't stop myself clicking. 

'Bells'during travels have always fascinated me. They are a common site in the hills of north India.


Flowers sometimes have this ability to have your attention completely focussed on them. I was trying to take picture of the mosque  (in the background) at Old- Fort, when, with a gentle stroke of wind this 'Hibiscus' moved and I decided to focus on it. 

 I have visited 'Taj-Mahal' twice in my lifetime. Every time you visit here, it's always a new awe-inspiring experience. I would like to go there again once during the full moon. 

I saw these two pigeons sitting cozily like love birds when I was about to enter the gate at Old-Fort.

I am curious to know about any of your perspectives that you captured randomly like this:) tell me about it....


  1. I loved the love birds.... oblivious of the world. :)

    1. Thanks Nisha :) Yes, completely oblivious of the chaos around them.
      Thanks for visiting my space:)

  2. Wonderful shots - random and yet so beautifully composed.

  3. @Ladyfi & @ ZielonaMila: : Thanks for the encouraging words:)

  4. Truly... Ur pics talk a lot! :) Lovelyyyyy....

  5. Beautiful perspectives indeed! Wonderfully captured!

  6. Thank you so much for your encouraging words:)


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