Sunday, 21 April 2013

All The Hues Of Sunlight !!

I have always been fascinated by sunrise & sunsets. Whether I am able to capture a particular imagery of 'Sun playing games with it's rays' or not, I don't know. But every time I try, I stand awe-struck looking at the hues of colours that the sun beautifully creates all around !!

Notice the rays filtering through the trees from the upper right side. This temple is surrounded by long trees and the entire area sort of radiates positive energy.    

Sunset captured at Humayun's tomb one evening. I remember while I was standing there I looked at the 'V' that the sun made with different shades of orange in it.  

I was told that early in the mornings sky here turns really beautiful & changes colour. And beautiful it was:) But to experience and capture this amazement of sun's playful side I had to get up @ 4 and then see the magic.   

While I was trying to frame that tree-trunk behind the arch,  dancing sun rays directed them selves on the pillars so as to dramatically draw more pillars on the floor :)   

Beautiful colours in the cloud.-all the hues of orange in it !

Colours of setting Sun behind the trees at Delhi Zoo 


  1. What beautiful shots! Love the composition of the framed tree in the doorway.

  2. I was teaching my daughter of this place the other day, didn't know would sight it so soon.
    Great series.

    1. Thank you Indrani:)yes, it happens at times when you think of or mention about something/place and by chance you spot that! :)

  3. wonderful clicks..especially the one clicked @4


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