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'History Revisited'- part 2: Humayun's Tomb & I.G. Memorial Museum

Humayun's Tomb & Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum
Humayun's tomb was declared a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE in the year 1993
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Next on my visit was Humayun's tomb.It is situated in Nizammudin area. As the name suggests it is the tomb of Mughal Emperor Humayun. It was designed by Persian architect Mirak Mirza Giyath and was commissioned by Humayun's wife Hamida Banu Begam in 1569.

It is said that this tomb is the first substantial example of proper Mughal Style (influenced by Persian Architecture) in India. Inside the walled enclosure are the most notable features of  those times-Charbagh(garden squares with pathways water channels) 
Entrance to the complex as seen from inside

Although Sikandar Lodi's tomb was the first garden tomb built in India but it is Humayun's tomb that set up a precedence in new style and fad in architectural designs and creativity during the Mughal rule in India.  This thought on architectural creativity & design reached its zenith with the 'Taj' in Agra. This complex takes in graves of several other subsequent Mughals.
This small door leads to the main complex of the tomb

Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum- My next stop was Indira Gandhi Memorial museum situated at No-1, Safdar Jung Road, New Delhi. This place is near my house, so after spending the earlier part of the day at Humayun's tomb exploring this museum didn't feel tiring at all. I was here today not because of the postcards but because of the awe and respect that we all have for the Iron Lady of India, our first and only female prime- minister.
Indira Gandhi was Prime Minister of India from 1966-1977 and again  from 1980 -1984

   Her ever confident and powerful gait, her fearless style of working and the wise and strong expression with a streak of grey line in her hairstyle intimidated everyone.She is my favourite Indian political figure ever.
So visiting the museum ( her house at No.1,Safdarjung Road was converted to a museum in her memory after she was assassinated in the garden of the same house one morning) was quiet an educational as well as touching experience for me. 
A view of her desk in her study 

view of her study from another angle

With Mahatma Gandhi in Delhi, September 1924

With her two sons Sanjay & Rajiv 

There is a souvenir shop there, from where I bought some postcards and books on her.  

As an earnest citizen, you may like to have a deeper understanding of what Indira Gandhi stood for as prime minister of this country. Like Gandhi Smriti, I would recommend  that you visit this museum atleast once:)    

The last few meters of Indira Gandhi's walk have been covered with crystal suggesting a river in flow. A sheet of clear glass marks the spot where she fell. 

Place of martyrdom-As she proceeded on this path and approached the gate & sentry post, she was fired upon by two security personnel. Indira Gandhi was assassinated on 31st October 1984 at 9:20 am.


  1. Such beautiful shots! Love your header photo too.

    1. Thanks for visiting my space Lady Fi:)'Taj-Mahal' in the header photo was a beautiful sight to capture in my camera when I visited Agra.

  2. Excellent pics! A place worth visiting.


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