Friday, 11 July 2014

The ASUS Zen Effect

When I held it in my hand and began using it, I realized that this vibrant and colourful gadget is truly Zen like on smoothness and touch. The screen was large, bright enough for me to read my e-books on the go. Camera had features that were unique to itself. So much so that I could see what others can't see in the dark. To add on (to the booty) all this on the Intel trust! Yes, this one has an Intel processor. 

So when I got the chance to use it, I used it thoroughly. Which meant as much as I could and as long as I wanted to! in the live demo area at the venue the other day. I was impressed! by the awesome work done by the product and design team of ASUS.  Plenty of features to explore and use at a very reasonable price in India.

I recently attended the launch event of Zenfone 5 in India by ASUS and used the opportunity to probe on the features, usage and design of the phone.
Launch of Zen fone 5 by ASUS -Yes, it was an invite by my favourite team! I am glad that I attended the launch. I am not much of a techie though but I love to explore and fiddle with gadgets 

The Intel TRUST 
Fitted with Corning Gorilla glass, special modes like Reading mode and Glove mode,the three ASUS phones Zen 4, 5 and 6 have the Intel Atom processor. Intel has used its 'Hyper -Threading Technology' that helps user execute two instructions at a time, thus making the experience excellent for a faster usage. So the usage satisfies user on Power and Performance efficiency.
Anoop & Nihal at their wits best :) Wisecracking and playing '1 to 10' with the audience. Oh! to know what that is you will have to attend one of these meets ;)Love the verve of all the IB team members. 
Arjun Kapoor- A leading Bollywood actor.Yes, he was the celebrity guest for the launch of the Zenfone. He was at his candid self and shared his experience with the audience on the phone usage    

Product Manager ASUS explaining about the Pixel Master feature of the Zenfone. A feature that is very helpful for bloggers like me

What I liked about the phone personally-

ZenUI : Kudos and a pat on the back of the design team for giving that 'Personal Attitude' to the experience of user interface. Apps like What's Next (helps you keep track and  manage your schedule),Do It Later(a later to-do-list)Zen Links( a sharing link),Power Saver app (gives user three options to tweak and save power) makes the otherwise complex usage more simpler.

Great look: Has modern style and a body perfectly built. Has a curved rear, so that it sits well on hand.

Ever trustful Intel processor. It's this Intel trust factor that got my attention to the phone first.

Modes: A Reading mode that is helpful for people like me who sometimes prefer reading on the go. Another interesting feature of Glove mode increases the touch sensitivity and you can use it while  wearing gloves. I tried it and it just is perfect!!

Pixel Master: It is the camera feature. I am using a phone from a very popular and expensive brand so when I compared the pictures taken from both the phones, I found that the Zenfone pics were more rich, clear and without any noise. Asus's Pixel Master technology is an interesting tool that gives you the freedom to play with pictures on your Zenfone. One of the Asus's team member David Wu explained most of the camera modes and its features viz; low light,.gif animation, time rewind, selfie, beautification, depth of field etc, to me in detail. 
Me with fellow bloggers (Saurabh & Kanav) and David Wu. This is the selfie that we took from the Zenfone. Thanks to David  for being instrumental in igniting my curiosity in the phone and also for explaining various modes

Price: This is a phone below 10K category and worth the money and recommendation!


  1. Beautifuuly put Shweta. It was great meeting you at the meet :) And the Zenfone truly deserves to be one of the best phones to be considered as the next buy :)

  2. Looking forward to the Zenfone as this post sounds to be very interesting.....Thank u for the share.


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