Sunday, 22 June 2014

Binding Hearts Sarhad Paar

View of the venue- from the metro station 
These visits to the blogger meets are always a pleasure to attend. Not because one gets free goodies and fabulous choice of food to eat from But because of the opportunity of participating in something new every time .Also, the idea of meeting other like minded blogger friends there.

Did I forget about the 'ever courteous and attentive' welcoming by IndiBlogger team. Right from giving the confirmation calls to the culmination of the event you guys do a great job. Thanks for the hospitality.

Zee's new channel Zindagi

Yesterday's meet was about the launch of Zee's new channel 'Zindagi' in India on Monday, June 23rd. Initially, I wasn't interested on attending it as I do not watch television episodes & dramas except for one or two comedy ones on Star world. But hey! this was a l'll different. It has stories from "sarhad paar". A different country! yet the story-lines were conceived on concepts and impressions very similar to our part of society. 

Zindagi is the new channel that is being launched here with the intention of showing a lot of stories that have been picked up from Pakistan. 

This meet happened in Mumbai and Delhi simultaneously. Technology and the amazing technical team at IndiBlogger ensured that the bloggers in both the cities stay connected through out the event.
Imran Abbas(Actor) and Shailja Kejriwal (Content Head-Zee) interacting with the bloggers. Sultana Siddiqui (Director of many famous Pakistani serials) 

People connected well with guests ( Imran Abbas,Sultana Siddiqui, Shailja Kejriwal, Priyanka Dutta & others) Admirers came forward and expressed their love for old Pakistani serials- Tanhaiyaan, Dhoop -Kinare, Ankahee etc. One person had come all the way from Agra and thanked 'Zindagi' from her father's side. It is his generation and the generation before him that yearns for the Mitti, it's people, houses and lanes that they grew up in, on both sides of the border. They still talk about life 'sarhad paar' with a lot of nostalgia and affection. They miss their celebrations, their neighbours and friends they grew up with. So much so that, almost all of them long to visit their partitioned land on both the sides.

This channel intends to bring real and progressive stories from sarhad paar. I wish them luck in their endeavor because I feel that Art (like breath of life) knows no boundaries and as curators of art we should not bind it with boundaries. We should let it flow like a breeze, let it touch as many hearts as it can. If it is good it will automatically make it's place in the souls of its followers.

Zindagi also intends to bring shows from Latin America, Turkey and Egypt in future.

*Note*- This is my post about the Zindagi IndiBlogger meet that I attended at Taj Mansingh,New Delhi on 21st Jun, 2014.  


  1. Hello. It was lovely meeting you in the meet. Joday dilon ko was so apt for this. And this is so wonderfully written.

    1. hey! thanks Mayuri :) it was a pleasure meeting you too.

  2. Thank you Shweta for pointing out the change to the name of your site; a new look as well I see.

    I am always keen to learn how peoples near and far to me, see, think and respond to events around them. And it usually is, as it should be, unique and personal, you are certainly in the 'far' category. Why had I not ever considered that IndiBlogger network ever existed. Would never understood the appeal to a new channel such as Zindagi. And you gave me enough info to digging about those elements foreign to me but appealing nonetheless - yes I looked up Sarhad Paar, what a storyline I need look into further.

    1. Thank you Calvin for visiting :) Yes, IndiBlogger is a network of Indian blogging community that is very active with meets, contests, social causes and what not. Glad that this post could give you an insight into this (far) part of the globe.

  3. For reasons I don't understand, I still don't get updates of new post from you, so I am using google to comment, that usually works where I have had difficulties.

    1. Will try and find a solution to it soon...haven't written much in the past though!


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