Wednesday, 16 April 2014

When I saw Dancing Dots!!

A constant headache and the super power to see those Dancing Dots finally drove me to visit an eye surgeon nearby. Once in the clinic,I sat, unwantingly, on the chair that had all his sophisticated gadgets (all big & small ones). After listening about my newly acquired super power and other details he offered to check my eyes. 
Then came 'reading those alphabets test'  Big deal! I  told my self I can do it....and I started reading.

          First line...Big, Bold letters...Perfect! *wink*
           Second line...a little smaller letters...piece of cake! *Grin*
               Third line...a weeebit more smaller...wait! I got to lean a bit forward, strain my  eyes..Voila! I can read that *yippy*
          Fourth line...why does this one has to be this small!..*Grrrr* Never mind! I can manage..yeah yeah! I am trying to read here! and with some hesitation I read it..*finallyyy*

This means -my eyes are fine and are as beautiful as they were. But this exercise demanded that I read those alphabets again.*phew* So, here we go again...

First line...Second line...Third line andddd
Fourth line...wait a minute ! *surprised* how come one or two alphabets are different this time. I mean how could I not identify a 'G' from an 'O' here.

*Zapped* I gave a mean look to the Doctor, asking as if how dare he change those alphabets on that board this time.

 The doctor smiled and said "do not worry it will be fine". He scribbled the details on the prescription and gave a little friendly chat on how our vision works and how glasses will help. Not to Worry!!! *blah* worrying I was...

Big Deal- Yeah! may be for a while it is- for someone who is not in the habit of wearing even sunglasses for a short duration, will have to wear glasses every time...The fact that there is some metal/whateverstuff sitting on my nose and helping me read and see clearly is a big adjustment, atleast for sometime. 

I know most of you reading this may not consider it a big deal, as once on, these glasses are a part of life. As my cousin puts it- she has them since childhood and one gets used to it :) So, while I try and adjust to it/get used to it and choose a smart frame to sit on my nose. I want you to share your experience on how you felt when you had glasses on or any other necessity that became a part of life like this.

On the thought of choosing a smart frame.*wink wink* the optician cheerfully displayed the ones with professional look, writer's look, sporty look, funky & colourful look and what not look. Eh! I didn't know I could have a choice of these many frames sit on my nose one by one and decide on any of these looks.

On a lighter note..I will not see those dancing dots again and my eyes would still be beautiful as there were earlier.

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  1. Haha! I totally irritated the doc when I gave different responses to the question "Is this clear, or is this? " :P

  2. You'll soon get used to wearing glasses. Make sure you buy a very light frame though!

  3. Nice account of the ordeal, Shweta, I can totally empathize with you. I am supposed to wear glasses full time but wear them only when I am working on my computer. Of course, it's not right on my part. I just hope my number is not shooting up because of this attitude of mine.

    1. I am slowly getting used to it Arti..tend to forget to wear them. I realize it only when I get a lighter headache :(


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