Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Tired but still in festive mood !!

Diwali wishes for all 
With Diwali gone by yesterday, people around me are still in the festive mood :) For me the last two days have been pretty hectic. Like every household, we were also busy cleaning & wiping every corner of the house, changing upholstery and doing a bit of a shopping for Diwali puja. Basically preparing with all our zest to welcome goddess Lakshmi to our house. 

Despite being a tired looking cleaning freak, to mela (fete) hopping shopper, to being a decorating expert during this time of the year, I love Diwali (festival of lights) the most. Believe me I am never in mood to take on the initiatives I just mentioned above during the rest of the year ;). Therefore, the idea of making lunch for myself today after all the commotion & festivities, totally seemed a very distant dream to me. I was just so tired that I thought of ordering food for myself from outside.(You would understand why!)
Sitting there with an empty stomach and not in a mood to visit the market I thought of this online food ordering portal that was suggested by a friend recently.  I was told that it comes handy during such times only. What the heck! I thought and started browsing the restaurant list, menu & food options.  
To tell you the truth I am not the kind who would open the laptop to order food! yeah, why ! 'coz we have grown up believing that food is something that is always enjoyed warm and hot at home or sitting in a restaurant having it served there. 
Then why order today *Grrr* Well ! today was different ! I was dead tired and almost died of hunger when food panda came handy.(funny name right but the panda looks cute there:)) I liked the name and the red and white flashy website and above all the menu kicked the taste buds of the hungry panda inside me. 

There's is a very easy to use and customer friendly website. It comes as a phone app too. I used the phone app and I am sharing pictures from my phone here. Once you enter the details like your city and area it helps you with the open restaurants and take aways near you. Order away as your appetite is and find interesting offers/deals too. I got mine clicking my way on my phone.
Not bad at all for a lazy person like me! I thought I'd share this post as my house is looking pretty with Diyas and my tummy is full :)Yeah, makki di roti, hara bhara kebab & paneer tikka made my day.( If you are still wondering, I had ordered veg platter for lunch).  Not to forget the fast customer service by the online portal. Yes, the food was on time as mentioned in the sms sent on my number. 
Next time when you feel like finding your food quickly, do it on food panda :) try it!


  1. Wishing you a wonderful Diwali full of light.

    1. Thanks much Ladyfi :) wishing you the same. Have a funfilled festive time!

  2. Hope you've had a light - filled Diwali, Shweta. May that light lead you on.


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