Monday, 26 August 2013

What Travelling has taught me !


 1) Be yourself!-Travelling to a place can be fun only when you are yourself while travelling. Whether you are a permanent or a perpetual traveller, touring traveller,worker traveller, adventure traveller or XYZ traveller, you enjoy, only by keeping up with your spirit & nature of 'T'(travelling). So why not travel keeping your mind and body free from any inhibitions. Keep a child like inquisitiveness in exploring the place around.Taste local cuisine,interact with the locals,keep an open mind in discovering new culture and geography. Trust me all this stays with you for your whole life. I read somewhere that travelling is one investment that always gives you something fruitful out of it and that stays with you for life long. The benefits of other investments may go away/fade/be consumed after some time but travelling always makes you rich for life!! Rich with knowledge,happy memories and sometimes good friends to keep.

2) Share what you enjoyed,saw and captured! While you enjoy your travels do make it a point to capture and remember every funny,knowledgeable moment/fact.It could be about that place you visited, a tradition following, about people, a legend, a story typical to that place or anything. Then share it with people,friends and family. They say sharing is an act that makes one happy. Believe me it works. You never know this act may bring friends to you from your community or from the other corner of the world. It is an act that opens up a forum for discovery. An act that definitely enhances on your individual outlook and philosophical perspective. Like I discovered the world of memes only because someone shared it with whosoever they could share it with. Thanks to fellow bloggers Indrani & Magiceye for introducing me to the world of memes through their posts. Also,to my blogger friend Don, that I discover beautiful nuggets of life & wisdom in various shades in his posts. 

3) Don't be judgmental, don't presume! Open up, be experimental while you travel. But respect the boundaries of nature, be gentle towards people you meet during travels. They may teach you something worthwhile through their interaction.I have observed that life's small learning lessons come to us like this only. So be open to receiving them. Do not presuppose or judge before hand just because you thought so or people think so. Don't stop your self from visiting a place because it doesn't have modern amenities like television or internet. Trust me such places are worth discovering and are worth discarding the modern amenities for a few days. This world will not end if you are living without television or mobile phone for some days:)

4) Spend time with loved ones, make your trips with people you love and like to be with. Be it your family, friends or colleagues. All my trips so far have been with one or the other such company and all these have been memorable ones. As it is we have created our world into a harsh and a competitive place to live in. Knowingly or unknowingly, we become a part of that rat-race. While in this rat-race we forget to invest on relationships and happiness of others. Making trips with your loved ones lets you understand them, care for them and respect them. Trust me caring for others/understanding others is  the first thing we lose and we don't even realize it .So visiting a cousin or an aunt or a close friend once a year doesn't leave you empty handed. It helps you invest in relationships.

5)Keep travelling! Yes, be it to a nearby touristy place or a far off travel destination. Be it by reading about it or by simply watching your favourite travel programme on Discovery. Keep travelling....Like I said, it is always an investment and you definitely grow up to be a far better traveller.

What are your learnings from travelling?

Do share :)


  1. Don't be judgemental is vital!

  2. I like your thoughts on this.

  3. All good points in regards to traveling. A kind of Code To Live By when on the road.

    Number three, is perhaps the most important one for me, and the one I try very hard to live by -"Don't be judgmental, don't presume!".

    When one travels, we are after all Visitants. As an visitant, respect for others, their culture, and differences goes along way and will get you places where you might not otherwise without assistance from the people whom call it home. Look more, listen more, talk less.

    1. Thank you Hudson for sharing your thoughts:)

  4. Wonderful principles for travel Shweta, especially number3. It's that kind of open and non-judgemental attitude that enables us to receive the gifts offered in travel. As you say, we are all visitors - a humble and freeing thought.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you Krishna! I am glad that you found it to be interesting:)

  6. Profound thoughts. I am glad I follow 4 of the 5. Need to improve on the 4th one.

    1. :)thanks Ramakant! Glad that these thoughts made you ponder on one of them.


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