Friday, 26 April 2013

Book Review

 My Life my Rules by Sonia Golani

I randomly picked this book while browsing 'Full Circle' for a particular paper back edition that I was looking for. The cover is not so catchy though but since I had already made up my mind on buying two books that day, so (price wise and content-wise) this seemed a perfect second choice for me.

A very interesting read !! Each story is an inspiration in one way or the other. Life changing career making decisions taken by protagonists in each chapter are an eye opener to the ever prevailing social psychology of blindly following the conventional career paths. 

It's a brilliant effort by author to communicate to the the reader here that life skills learnt while growing up are definitely an ardent force in shaping ones career and life. These real life stories hit bang on reader's mind. So, you would want to finish reading it immediately as soon as you start it. Be it Tarun Tahiliani, who is son of a former Navy chief, a Wharton graduate choosing fashion designing and carving a niche. Or R Madhavan, who was hell bent on following his heart and not following the rat race. To all these people success didn't come easily or quickly. But they all believed in doing what they all liked and not what the conventional social parameters of success showed them.

The writer is an entrepreneur and manages a firm. It is a second book by the author. By this book she has succeeded in giving readers an insight into the life and nuances of the rich and famous. More importantly on how they were able to become rich & famous. The language is crisp and the interviews that she took are informatively detailed. This book is a beautiful resource to understanding some business intricacies (stories of Minal Vazirani, Praveen Taygi, Amish Tripathi) and some more legendary entrepreneurs of recent times.

The fact that success doesn't come easily to anyone. Hard work, Belief in oneself, Ambition and the Willingness to strive for the path to success - concepts beautifully unravel in each story.This in-depth and detailed collection of author's conversation with these personalities (who have made a mark for themselves in different worlds) reveals their tough times, moments of introspection and supportive family & friends. 

These 18 stories shout out loud that conventional career options that most of us choose are not the only way to professional success. Vision, Positive attitude, Innovation, Open mindedness of thought process, entrepreneurial attitude and above all learning of 'Life skills' can also take you to top:) These ingredients also result in 'You' loving 'Your Job' as well. 

My favourite stories are those of R. Madhavan, Praveen Tyagi & Amish Tripathi. These stories open your minds to a much broader world of inspiration, thought and information.

A well written collection of 18 life changing stories.
A must read. This book definitely speaks to its readers!!


  1. Revisited this article again after skipping it for the first time as I read the title as "My life rules by Sonia G" :-) Today I read the complete article after confirming the last name! Interesting review, maybe will search of Flipkart or Amazon.

  2. Haha :)In my opinion as well what you read earlier is not at all a name worth considering.
    As for this book, yes! read it if you can.I found it to be a good read:)


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