Friday, 13 July 2012

Jim Corbett Park-Day 2 and the rest of the trip

A bottle-brush  basking in  sunlight:)
To read about Day-1 activities click here
Day-2- Dhikala & Durga Devi: The night was cosily chilly and quiet & bed was comfi. Surprizingly, I got up exactly at 3:30 am (surprisingly meant without any alarm ;)). Got ready and was all set to leave for our Jeep safari by 4:15 am. Today we had planned for our Jeep Safari at ‘Durga Devi’ and a canter safari to

We spotted this one toothed mast tuskar on the main road to Dhikala   

Here we saw barking deer, golden mahsheer, birds, yellow red,great barbert, amazing view and not to forget Tiger Pug marks, lots of them. By this time we had learned to identify them whether it was a male or a female.Lots of fresh elephant footmarks as well. Durga devi safari zone was more moist and has deciduous flora. One time during the day the sunrays came filtered from tall trees as if it is being sieved through the leaves giving different colours to the rays.This was an amazing magic trick of nature and the most memorable one. During this safari we managed to see a few of very rare species of birds and then in the afternoon we took the canter ride to Dhikala. Here the grassland like habitat was totally different from where we had been in the morning.

We saw lots of deers, sambhars, elephants in herds and both Durgadevi and Dhikala but the highlight of this day was something else that we encountered at the highway.A one toothed mast tuskar that we spotted on the road very near to Dhikala zone. Clicking this huge, mast elephant while charging at the vehicles( including ours) was one wildlife  experience  that I won’t forget. I actually got terrified of this elephant as it had come very near to our jeep while charging.

This was an amazing view! stopping the vehicle and just sitting there for sometime  was a treat in itself here:)

Day-3: Jhirna- Safari to Durga Devi and Dhikala was very tiring. We realized the fatigue only when we reached the resort back in the evening. After a tasty dinner we again fell on our beds, only to be awake at 3: 30 am again the next morning. Today we were going to Jhirna on Jeep safari.  the highlight of this day was clicking peacocks from very close on a dry river bed. And the tiger roar. Yes,we sat inside a cemented ‘machaan’ like small enclosure which was situated right on top of the hill from where you could see the other side of the Jungle bordering the river stream.We spent atleast an hour there hoping to see a tiger but all we could hear was the tiger growls. The roar suggested that there were two of them walking towards the thick jungle uphill.   The view from where we sat and waited for the tiger, was beautiful with sunrays falling on the stream. The jungle aloud with the sound of the wind and the chirping of birds, also the sound of other animals like monkeys, deers would immediately become silent every time there was a tiger growl.

Although we were not lucky enough to spot any tiger but were lucky enough to enjoy & discover the  habitat of the Jungle. A habitat! which is inspite of being rugged, cruel and with its own set of rules, tells that man is still an outsider when it comes to the animal world “the dense forest”

 After we came back from Jhirna we started for our drive back to Delhi.

Corbett forest and jungle are home to many different other species of fauna.  a heaven for bird enthusiasts. Is also one of the best bird watching area in india. Surrounded with different habitat types: mountains, saal trees, grassland etc it has a splendid landscape and has diverse wildlife. In 1956 this national park was renamed after colonel Jim Corbett,who is considered the ‘missionary of wildlife conservation in India’. This oldest national park in India has following major zones:Bijrani, Dhikala, Durga Devi, Jhirna & Sitabani.



  1. Very insightful. Hope to relate to some bit of it when I travel to these places again with new pair of eyes.. n'joyed reading it..

    Happy Blogging

    1. Thanks...Yeah! travelling is always fun everytime you visit a place with new pair of eyes:)I am glad that you enjoyed my blog.


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