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Ranthambore-The Garh of Tigers!

Ranthambore National Park – the Garh of tigers! They say there are more than thirty of them here. What a majestic creature! that hunts with Precision, Planning and Speed. We were very fortunate to see this majestic creature hunting in Zone- 3. Being there and observing the hunt from a distance, we could sense the fear that the prey (deers & sambars) felt while running for life in the lake. This bolt happened after one member from the herd made the call and informed others of the danger.
Deers- running for life after they saw the tiger nearby 

I am talking about ‘Ranthambore National Park’ that sits in Sawai Madhopur District of southeastern Rajasthan. It’s almost an eight hour drive from New Delhi to Ranthambore and we reached our destination about half past midnight. Driving through the Jungle area at night gives you a different feel altogether, a once in a lifetime experience!! Our drive was one such unforgettable one! As on our way we saw a pack of deers crossing the road before us and disappearing in the thick forest in the moonlight.
Difficult to click! while this beautiful peacock was hiding itself from my camera

Langoors were in large numbers here
We stayed at Ranthambore for three days. One day to visit the national park, second day to see the Ranthambore fort and the famous Trinetra Ganesh Temple and the third day to relax and be lazy for a change :). In order to have a true Jungle experience we stayed in tents, in the village itself (very near to the national park and the fort). Spending those three days at 'Tiger Machan', definitely made this trip a memorable one.
Although the approach to the fort and the jungle is a bumpy man made, hilly road but one can already feel being inside a densely forested area surrounded by hills. Before saying hello to the king of the Jungle, you happen to spot various species of birds and animals, like; Cheetal, Black bucks, Neelgai, Langoors, beautiful peacocks, Wood peckers, common kingfishers, Bayas, Bulbul, Mynas, and Quails etc. We were amazed to see a family of quails crossing the road in front of us. That was a beautiful sight indeed. Mum Quail leading the three chicks behind her :). Some of the animals and birds showed curiosity towards the tourists entering their territory and some behaved as if they have been eagerly waiting for you to click their pictures, especially the Langoors. An interesting thing to note about them was that all of them were so used to humans visiting their habitat that they were least bothered and continued doing what they were busy with.
Mama Quail leading her three chicks :)

'Peak-a-boo' :) interesting timing

Climbing the stairs at the Ranthambore Fort gives you the feel that you have travelled back to the olden times. The view of the national park from the fort, the lakes, peacocks dancing with their feathers open in all their grace, baby Langoors playing , birds chirping, all this kind of captivates you and takes you back to the times of King Hammir for a moment. While walking through the fort you cannot stop imagining how the life would have been during those times. We were fortunate enough to capture an image of a kitchen utensil that must have been used at large family functions/ occasions etc. It was lying there at one of the remains of what could be a house inside the fort.
View of the National Park from the fort

The view of the national park from the fort is breathtaking. 

If you wait patiently and spend some time at the stairs going upwards inside the fort you can actually spot peacocks dancing in the jungle below near the lakes. You know one can spot a dancing Peacock in the jungle only when the breeze flows cool telling that it is about to rain soon. Catching a glimpse of two peacocks dancing like that confirmed on our prediction of rains that day :).

Another important beautiful thing about this fort was the Shiva Temple that we visited. Not many people know of it though. The small room with the huge shiva lingam is pitch dark but is definitely breathtaking. Once inside, you can feel the pure positive vibes that make you literally talk to god. Yes! I had my own conversation with god there :). Ranthambore fort is also famous for housing “Trinetra Ganesh” Temple. 
Shiva Temple inside the fort

This stone statue was at the entrance  of the fort 

Spending those three days at Ranthambore was worth it!!

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